TAI CHI first time session

So today I decided to try Tai Chi for the first time with my mother.😁 Ever since my mother went to Beijing, China. Tai Chi has gotten my attention.  The way her face lit up telling me how the elderly Chinese EVERY morning would practice Tai Chi with music blaring.  There are so many numerous advantages that come with practicing Tai Chi like easing the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of arthritis. Also it can assist with strength building and flexibility. Well I’m off to Reiki …..💖



🎉January 1, 2015🎉


🌻💖I welcome  January  1, 2015 with wide open arm’s.  This is going  to be my last year in my 20’s so it’s  going to be one awesome  ride. I just  want to  enjoy and become  healthy  internally  and externally  while  in nursing school. I want to blog about my life from every  taste I endure  in fashion  to food and everything  in between. 💖🌻